Full Members Mandate

Niagara JEEPers now has a Full Members Club. We support, depend on each other and more importantly we trust each other. This is more than just a club, we're like a family. These goals and values are shared by everyone.

Niagara JEEPers full members:
- Have exclusive runs and events
- Contribute to the group's planning of events/runs
- Are loyal to each other and the club
- Are dedicated to the club and its success
- Maintain a positive attitude

- Are tolerant and respectful of other members, rigs, our community and environment
- Maintain strict confidentiality. What we discuss and share as a club is private and for

   full members only
- Show continued support by welcoming new members and attending events, Jeep

   meets and group runs.

To become part of the Niagara Jeepers full members club, the following criteria must be met within a 6 month consideration period:
1. Attend a minimum of two monthly Jeep meets
2. Participate in at least one fundraiser or group event, not including the monthly Jeep meets.
3. Be consistent in welcoming new members to the public Facebook page.
4. Have a Niagara JEEPers decal on your rig to show loyalty to the Club.

Please join us on Facebook and contact one of our admins if you'd like to join!

***Exceptions may be made for people that make an exceptional contribution***


Full Members Club