Off Road Basics

Rules of off roading:

1. Never go alone
2. If you do go alone, make sure you are equipped to      handle getting unstuck
3. Never leave a truck behind no matter how stuck

    or broken
4. Stay on the trails don't try and off private property
5. Don't litter...EVER
6. If your war machine has parts falling off in the pits,

    don't leave your stuff in there, fish it out, tires are

​7. Make sure your vehicle is mechanically up to task.
8. Be considerate of others on the road or trail.
9. Seat belts are mandatory. 
10. Know your limitations. 
​11. Designate meeting areas in case of separation.
12. Maintain a reasonable distance between vehicles. 
13. Stop frequently and scout ahead on foot.
​14. Have a full tank of gas.

Things to have in your Vehicle

Recovery gear:

  • D rings
  • Recovery straps
  • Winch
  • Hi-lift jack
  • Tree saver strap
  • Shovel, axe, chainsaw, knife
  • Tools
  • Spare parts
  • Extra vehicle fluids eg: oil, wiper fluid​

​Other items:

  • Food & water
  • First aid kit
  • Blankets and extra clothing
  • Cell phone
  • Navigational aids